Refund Policy

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A-NSOFTTECH refund policy has been detailed to portray the conditions under which our company will give a refund, the approach for affirming a refund and the obligation of A-NSOFTTECH site in conditions achieving such a claim. By engaging for any of our services you are articulating that you recognize and agree with each one of the terms and conditions spread out in the refund order.

At A-NSOFTTECH, every project is consequential to us and we guarantee that we handle each errand with outrageous devotion and great zeal. Our goal is to give the results as per the terms and conditions of the premise. In any case, notwithstanding each measure, if the client isn't satisfied with the results and goes for the discussion assurance process, we consider refund asked we consider rebate asked by the going with the venture in which our procedure and refund approach identified with each amenity is mentioned underneath. We have a standard procedure before initiating any project with our clients which includes a document in which the complete details of the project are mentioned including the scope of work, the deliverables and the payment breakdown of the project which the client has to sign before the start of any project. Each project is split into 3 phases which is our standard policy in which also the total amount of the project is branched according to the phases and the amount is determined by the percentage of work that we complete. These phases can always be altered upon the request of our clients if it's not favorable for them. The work that we execute on each project is always showcased live on our test server domain so our clients can always review each update that we have for them. We do not progress further with any phase until our client is fully satisfied with the prevailing phase. If the customer needs a refund because of any reason then there are several considerable conditions on which the customer is qualified for the refund generally not as we are determined to give the highest degree of services on which our clients are always satisfied.

  • As we work and finish work in stages thus if on the off chance that we have not begun with your project inside the time allotment of 3 days after the first payment is being made; at that point, the customer can profess refund and we should satisfy that claim appropriately.
  • If we have begun dealing with the project before the course of 3 days after payment is being made then the customer can't assert refund
  • Whereas, if any customer needs refund during the project then the customer is just qualified to get a refund of that breakthrough which we have not begun yet
  • The point of reference that we have finished and worked on and gave it to the customer to that specific breakthrough, the refund isn't relevant
  • Any client violating the information provided in the signed document before or after the project has been started will not be eligible for a refund from the company.